Maya Pictures: Set 3

Photos of Maya from seven months through eleven months. These pictures were last updated on 2001-02-08 as part of splitting a larger album into smaller sets.

Group 1

I have got this Cheerio thing down now Maya poses for Playbaby Were we all this flexible and sleepy
Maya goes on her first amusement ride (on the cheap) Carl and Maya Anne, Carl, Maya, and Picasso
Maya's penthouse prison Who is that person?  And are they going to get as wet as me? Maya's trainer motorcycle

Group 2

A premature toothbrush Eric, Rebecca, and Maya in Portland Lighthouse in Portland, Maine
Eric, Maya, Rebecca, and Mark Eric and Maya Portland harbor panorama
Maya and Anne Rebecca, Maya, Laura, Hanna, and Fluffy Rebecca, Maya, Fluffy, Laura, Hanna, and Hedwig

Group 3

Rebecca, Maya, Fluffy, Laura, Hanna, and Hedwig - 2 Anniversary dinner (Maya, Rebecca, Anne, Howard) Maya locks her parents out of the car
Relaxing at the Inn by the Sea (Howard, Anne, Maya, Rebecca) Maya and Grandma take a good look at each other. And decide each other is pretty nice.
Maya tries out the new bed in Paoli Dog and Baby size each other up (Muti and Maya) Maya loves fans

Group 4

And leather chairs Very comfortable aren't they Maya slobbers on Mark
Takes a breath And slobbers some more Rebecca, Maya, and Granmary
Maya and Granmary entertain each other Maya and Granmary Maya and Mark visiting Granmary

Group 5

Mark, Granmary, Maya, and Rebecca Maya visits Ellerslie Maya enjoys a good swing
Rebecca eats Maya's nose Maya and Rebecca A hard worker and a hard player (Howard and Maya)
Maya takes a close look at her Granddad Maya likes being a little French girl Purrbox and Maya are getting to be friends (until Maya learns to crawl)

Group 6

Maya, ?, and ? ?, ?, and Maya ?, ?, and Maya
Kim-fai inspects Maya's leg ?, Charlene, Timithy, ?, ?, ?, ? Maya and ?
?, Maya, and ? Maya and Bea after the concert Michael, Maya, Christine, and Rebecca

Group 7

Mark calmly controls the wild beast A true dad-like power Maya:
Hi Maya plays worm Carl, Maya, and Rebecca at a July 4th picnic
Maya and Rebecca Ooohhh… Nice belly dancing… (Carl and Maya) July 4th fireworks visible from our home (time lapse)

Group 8

Summer reading for Maya intimidates her a little Maya conks out after a tough day All the animals sleep together
Maya learns that adult games can be pretty goofy But families that play together stick together The right way to carry a purse
Another tough day for Maya Maya follows her mother's directions... What a cute pair :-)

Group 9

Maya learns to play ball at the park First, put a little spit on the ball Then wind-up and ... throw
Easy... Mark and Maya Maya imitates Drew Barrymore
Maya gets serious about crawling Crawling, crawling, crawling A momentary pause

Group 10

I can crawl and read at the same time Do you think a door can stop me? Not a chance
Maya learns to be a farmer Perfect farmer style... But I am through with that hat...
Maya is the center of the universe (of balls, toys, destruction) Saturn is setting Maya investigates steel bowls

Group 11

For keeping all her toys nice and neet, Maya gets a halo See how long that lasted But the toys are so fun
Don't you want me to be happy Sure you do If I destroy the CD cases, do I get to keep the halo?
Girl with hair piece (watercolor) Maya gets a card from her cousin Austin Thank you Austin

Group 12

Maya submits to Rebecca Maya and Mark play by the fountain Susan visits California
Susan geeks out as Maya watches Trying to keep Maya from the dark side Susan and Maya
Susan and Maya (sketch) Susan shows Maya how to drive Wayne, Daniel, Ann, Sumi, Masa, Mark, Peter, and Rebecca

Group 13

Maya is big enough now to pack herself Maya starts her critical listening phase Grandma, Maya, and Muti
Many jobs: Grandma, Maya, and Muti Ragetty Anne and Maya Riding the devil dog (Muti and Maya)
Sit Muti! Sit! … Drool Muti! Drool! … Good dog. Whats up? Nothing's gonna stoppa me now

Group 14

My future's so bright… I have this cool counting book. Can you bark to me?
A serious reader / barker Grandma and Maya play chase Maya starts to shuffle around
Chatting with Great Grandmary Wow, you are really nice. Nothing's gonna breaka my stride

Group 15

Muti is pretty impressed with Maya's form Playing a Philadelphia piano Swinging in Friendship park
Looking around Haverford in slightly warmer weather this time What a nice relaxing view after a temper tantrum Wow… my finger is so neat
Technology teaches us to stand up tall I know this does something cool, if only I enter the secret code Can you say ffffffava beans?

Group 16

Just kidding, they were just beets An archaic but beautiful keyboard I am looking for divine inspiration