Maya Pictures

Photos of Maya from birth to the present (Age 14 months). These pictures were last updated on 2002-01-08. Note that this album was split into multiple albums on 2002-01-08, so you may want to go up a level and choose the specific album you want to see.

Group 1

New to the world A little warmer Mother, Father, and Child
Mark and Maya at 3am Sleepy head A guardian dragon
Two guardian angels Mark and Maya, 2a Mark and Maya, 2b

Group 2

Rebecca and Maya, 2a Rebecca and Maya, 2b Her future home
Maya Arrives Home Just the three of us Assorted flowers
What in the world is that!!! Different size mouths (left to right) Babies are not always happy!

Group 3

But they frequently are Who are these strange people? Bea Visiting Maya - 1
Bea Visiting Maya - 2 Jason Visiting Maya Kim-Fai (Dah gu) Visiting Maya
Jimmy, Kim-Fai, and Fujung Visiting Maya Mark and Maya Portrait of Maya and Purrbox

Group 4

Guardian dragon comes home Closeups: Frog formation Closeups: Face
Closeups: Foot Closeups: Face2 Minh Visiting Maya
Maya heads out into the surreal world (to Stanford Shopping Center) Little Hand-Made (Anne-Made) Booties for Little Feet Grandma (Ama) visits Maya - 1

Group 5

Grandma (Ama) visits Maya - 2 Grandma (Ama) visits Maya - 3 Mark and Maya
Big Smiles: Taz, Rebecca and Maya Mark and Maya Rebecca and Maya
The penalty of being outcat: We decided to stuff and mount Purrbox Just kidding Pink and peach

Group 6

Oh... here comes the sun Sun bathing Purrbox inspecting Maya's seatbelt
We all finally get some sleep Including the photographer Daniel visits Maya - 1
Daniel visits Maya - 2 Daniel visits Maya - 3 Never too early to learn about cheese

Group 7

My eyes out ate my stomach Maya amongst the flowers - 1 Maya amongst the flowers - 2
Maya becomes a teenager (in days) Maya's first Thanksgiving Maya: Cherub mode
Maya and Rebecca face off Maya and Purrbox face off Heading out to Los Altos on a beautiful Fall day

Group 8

Closeups: Hand Here is how we wash our kid, wash our kid, wash our kid... Parent's eye view
Maya learns about the food pyramid Maya finds a new bed: Lori Sarah's Card
Eamon visits Maya Silence of the tazes: Maya with guardian devils Guardian goes bad

Group 9

Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 1 Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 2 Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 3
Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 4 Closeups: Mouth Closeups: Bald Spot (Maya takes after her father)
Maya goes to tea Learning to warm herself by the fire First Christmas Tree

Group 10

First Christmas Wreath Winter in California (not too tough) Maya dreams of getting a horse for Christmas
First Christmas Card Second Christmas Card (Mt. Shasta) View from hotel in Eugene on route to Portland for Christmas
Maya camps out (in a hotel) Austin greets us with a Christmas Santa Austin, Rachel, and Maya

Group 11

The warming fire in Portland Makes Austin go Dylan Maya was the worst wrapped present this year
But we happily accepted the gift anyway Austin eagerly contemplates a new face on life Daniel tries to be Karnak
But is better as Dylan One of Maya's cute gifts goes to good use Maya: Fun with photoshop

Group 12

Austin the archeologist With maybe a little help Maya's cousin Katlin
Maya's first Chinese Banquet: Maya, Rebecca, (Ed, Edd, and Eddie), Miyun, Katie, Joe, ???, ???, Chou-Fong, David, Taymin, and Paul Experience Music: Guitars that survived Rock and Roll Maya's last Christmas Card
Maya can turn any room into a suite Mt. Shasta greets us on the journey home As do beautiful sunsets

Group 13

Maya rings in the new year Teddi teaches her how to smile Although bashful, Maya just can't stop smiling anymore
Stop kissing me That breast milk, she is a perfecto! Maya scolds her guardian dragon
But guardian dragons know best Happy baby, happy mommy Happy baby, happy parents

Group 14

I can stand I can walk But I most love to fly
You say teddy-bay is coming over? Hi teddy, do you know what has happened to me lately? Boy, you are a lot funnier than my parents
I just can't stop laughing In case you weren't sure... I am a girl My dad went to Minnesota and look what followed him back

Group 15

Mom and Dad's bed is just right Three's a crowd But seven is heaven
I have plenty of toys Even enough for my parents In search of monarchs
Getting warmer... There they are... (drag, no zoom lens) My first viewing of the ocean

Group 16

Cool What are you doing up there? OK everyone, get back in line
Maya is a poser Except for the drooling thing Maya is a poser
Except for the drooling thing Could this be my kid? I guess so!

Group 17

We somehow manage to get along :-) Maya is ready to go out in her new hat I can sit with a little help from my friends
Maya prepares to really fly (to Philadelphia) And lands completely intact Who are you?  Where am I?
Now I remember... this isn't so bad here after all The generations face off Or just sit around relaxing together

Group 18

Like grandma, like granddaughter Maya visits great-granmary And the two of them have an intense and wonderful conversation
Maya needs to rest up after the day Susan shows Maya archaic technology I just can't stop laughing
And drooling Maya's first truly brisk walk Somebody left me at Haverford College

Group 19

Grandma attacks me with a bear Grandma can really make me laugh And laugh
What a swell time I had I can sit! Weebles wobble but they don't fall down (too quickly)
I can sit! And rip the heads of creatures off at the same time! What a big piece of cheese! Yummy

Group 20

Maya eats her first real semi-solid food Kathy and Maya Maya ventures out to look at all the flowers
Flowers - 1 Flowers - 2 Flowers - 3
Flowers - 4 Flowers - 5 Want to watch me eat? Yummy!

Group 21

I am so stuffed now Jason and Linda think babies are always sweet and easy Maya keeps Linda a happy fool
I like new perspectives This room is nice but it is toooo bigggg Preparing to tube down the Truckee river
I really know how to eat now See? Other things I like to eat.  And am a little neater with

Group 22

Yes, we like each other.  Could you please stop taking pictures now... Aaaaahhhh I am being attacked by a sea horse Come over here buddy, I got something to tells u
I really drool a lot Sometimes I am so sad :-( I finally fit my eggplant hat :-)
But it is soooo heavy Mommy loves me And I like her too

Group 23

Maya pretends she can read just to make Mark happy I never get tired of flowers Flowers - 6
Flowers - 7 Flowers - 8 Flowers - 9
Maya makes baloon noises for music night Jens watches Maya watches the Worm watches the Mouse watches Maya... Hod and Maya on Easter

Group 24

The similarities are striking Christy and Maya on Easter Jenny and Maya
Pacifier...cup...pacifier...cup...hard choices Rebecca and Maya play catch with Mark How goofy are my parents trying to make me?
I can look even goofier! Sitting alone (hard-side-up) on the couch I like my doggy.

Group 25

What is this, a zoo? The beginnings of a new generation.  Scott would be proud. Who is this strange and serious man
Vraj lightens up slowly But eventually takes to Maya Quite Happily
Cathy overdresses for Maya's first slumber party Maya does the splits for Kim-Fai Where is my portion of this great food?

Group 26

Maya is in a league of her own Hey, take a look at this view That is so cool.
Rebecca, Maya and Mark at the Beach Maya is just too cool for the rest of us Even when imitating a warthog
Hmm... that seems to be a pretty big tree Certainly is, isn't it? Surprise!

Group 27

Rebecca and Maya visit the Tea Garden This cool man with a beard (Larry) took me to Venice Bea and Maya
Which of us is this book for anyway? Maya enlists Larry and Maya
Kathy continues to teach Maya to talk properly (in Cantonese) Julie and Maya enjoy a day at the cafe Maya enjoys her women's support group

Group 28

I have got this Cheerio thing down now Maya poses for Playbaby Were we all this flexible and sleepy
Maya goes on her first amusement ride (on the cheap) Carl and Maya Anne, Carl, Maya, and Picasso
Maya's penthouse prison Who is that person?  And are they going to get as wet as me? Maya's trainer motorcycle

Group 29

A premature toothbrush Eric, Rebecca, and Maya in Portland Lighthouse in Portland, Maine
Eric, Maya, Rebecca, and Mark Eric and Maya Portland harbor panorama
Maya and Anne Rebecca, Maya, Laura, Hanna, and Fluffy Rebecca, Maya, Fluffy, Laura, Hanna, and Hedwig

Group 30

Rebecca, Maya, Fluffy, Laura, Hanna, and Hedwig - 2 Anniversary dinner (Maya, Rebecca, Anne, Howard) Maya locks her parents out of the car
Relaxing at the Inn by the Sea (Howard, Anne, Maya, Rebecca) Maya and Grandma take a good look at each other. And decide each other is pretty nice.
Maya tries out the new bed in Paoli Dog and Baby size each other up (Muti and Maya) Maya loves fans

Group 31

And leather chairs Very comfortable aren't they Maya slobbers on Mark
Takes a breath And slobbers some more Rebecca, Maya, and Granmary
Maya and Granmary entertain each other Maya and Granmary Maya and Mark visiting Granmary

Group 32

Mark, Granmary, Maya, and Rebecca Maya visits Ellerslie Maya enjoys a good swing
Rebecca eats Maya's nose Maya and Rebecca A hard worker and a hard player (Howard and Maya)
Maya takes a close look at her Granddad Maya likes being a little French girl Purrbox and Maya are getting to be friends (until Maya learns to crawl)

Group 33

Maya, ?, and ? ?, ?, and Maya ?, ?, and Maya
Kim-fai inspects Maya's leg ?, Charlene, Timithy, ?, ?, ?, ? Maya and ?
?, Maya, and ? Maya and Bea after the concert Michael, Maya, Christine, and Rebecca

Group 34

Mark calmly controls the wild beast A true dad-like power Maya:
Hi Maya plays worm Carl, Maya, and Rebecca at a July 4th picnic
Maya and Rebecca Ooohhh… Nice belly dancing… (Carl and Maya) July 4th fireworks visible from our home (time lapse)

Group 35

Summer reading for Maya intimidates her a little Maya conks out after a tough day All the animals sleep together
Maya learns that adult games can be pretty goofy But families that play together stick together The right way to carry a purse
Another tough day for Maya Maya follows her mother's directions... What a cute pair :-)

Group 36

Maya learns to play ball at the park First, put a little spit on the ball Then wind-up and ... throw
Easy... Mark and Maya Maya imitates Drew Barrymore
Maya gets serious about crawling Crawling, crawling, crawling A momentary pause

Group 37

I can crawl and read at the same time Do you think a door can stop me? Not a chance
Maya learns to be a farmer Perfect farmer style... But I am through with that hat...
Maya is the center of the universe (of balls, toys, destruction) Saturn is setting Maya investigates steel bowls

Group 38

For keeping all her toys nice and neet, Maya gets a halo See how long that lasted But the toys are so fun
Don't you want me to be happy Sure you do If I destroy the CD cases, do I get to keep the halo?
Girl with hair piece (watercolor) Maya gets a card from her cousin Austin Thank you Austin

Group 39

Maya submits to Rebecca Maya and Mark play by the fountain Susan visits California
Susan geeks out as Maya watches Trying to keep Maya from the dark side Susan and Maya
Susan and Maya (sketch) Susan shows Maya how to drive Wayne, Daniel, Ann, Sumi, Masa, Mark, Peter, and Rebecca

Group 40

Maya is big enough now to pack herself Maya starts her critical listening phase Grandma, Maya, and Muti
Many jobs: Grandma, Maya, and Muti Ragetty Anne and Maya Riding the devil dog (Muti and Maya)
Sit Muti! Sit! … Drool Muti! Drool! … Good dog. Whats up? Nothing's gonna stoppa me now

Group 41

My future's so bright… I have this cool counting book. Can you bark to me?
A serious reader / barker Grandma and Maya play chase Maya starts to shuffle around
Chatting with Great Grandmary Wow, you are really nice. Nothing's gonna breaka my stride

Group 42

Muti is pretty impressed with Maya's form Playing a Philadelphia piano Swinging in Friendship park
Looking around Haverford in slightly warmer weather this time What a nice relaxing view after a temper tantrum Wow… my finger is so neat
Technology teaches us to stand up tall I know this does something cool, if only I enter the secret code Can you say ffffffava beans?

Group 43

Just kidding, they were just beets An archaic but beautiful keyboard I am looking for divine inspiration
Rebecca shows off the very happy Maya in her cosy sleeper The beginning of Maya's library What are these things on my feet?
Don't make me do it Wow, it's gotta be the shoes I know what I want to be when I grow up

Group 44

Maya shows off the hats from Cathy This cool strawberry hat is the latest And it will stretch to fit when my head is thiiissss big
I am a very, very, happy strawberry The masked eggplant strikes fear on Halloween Cool balloons
Time to pop them I can put all the toys away… wait… am I just a toy too? Maya puts on her war

Group 45

Maya's birthday presents - 1 Maya's birthday presents - 2 Maya's birthday presents - 3
Maya's birthday presents - 4 Maya's birthday presents - 5 Maya's birthday presents - 6
Maya's birthday presents - 7 Maya's birthday presents - 8 Maya's birthday presents - 9

Group 46

Maya's beautiful first birthday cake Where did that come from? Save me… save me…
I am afraid of white chocolate Mark, Maya, and Rebecca celebrate Maya's first birthday It's love at first bite: Austin feeds Maya
Maya is soooo hungry Maya's second beautiful birthday cake We carefully slide this cake in front of her

Group 47

Maya is stunned but no tears! Rebecca and Maya prepare for cake Happy birthday Maya
Austin shows Maya how to use her presents - 1 Austin shows Maya how to use her presents - 2 Rachel, Rebecca, and Austin show Maya how to use her presents
The pink people eater can climb! The pink people eater is loose! The pink people eater is restrained!

Group 48

A tasty thanksgiving dinner (Bruce, Austin, Maya, Rebecca) Baby elephant at Seattle zoo Rebecca and Maya ride an elephant
Jacob runs in fear from the elephant Rebecca and Maya show off their weather gear An impressive Thanksgiving meal
A family giving thanks Stupid maya tricks Yokiko performs for Maya

Group 49

Maya learns to walk -- away Bubble time As she learns to walk, Maya becomes the mad hammerer
The highly mobile mad hammerer Maya loves to play horsey Mark and Maya near Christmas
Maya likes rocking chairs Maya's first advent calendar Christmas Eve: A decorated tree

Group 50

Stockings hung by the chimney with care Christmas Morning: A decorated tree Santa comes to Sunnyvale
Christmas Morning: A decorated tree - 2 Rebecca, Maya, and Mark by the Christmas tree Maya, and Mark by the Christmas tree
Rebecca, Maya, and Mark by the Christmas tree Maya is overwhelmed by the Christmas presents Maya's (and M&R's) Christmas haul

Group 51

Maya's book shelf (after Christmas 2001) Maya and Larry Rebecca got nothing for Christmas, see the clean desk
Maya ponders future careers: do or review? Maya's on her high-horse Maya has cat-like quickness -- and confusion
Eva: I have the car, but no engine There's my engine (Maya pushing Eva) Accident: Eva tends to Maya's twisted leg

Group 52

Who us?  We aren't doing anything, honest! I coulda been a contenda.