Maya Pictures: Set 5

Photos of Maya from month nineteen to now (June 2002). These pictures were last updated on 2002-06-23.

Group 1

What is that thing, look away before she sees me looking Tur tle Sha Yu
What you got in that bag This is a strange looking horse Maya
Two beauties take a walk on mother's day Mother's day lunch Four generations of women

Group 2

Some people never appreciate the beauty beside them Rebecca at Longwood An idyllic setting
Rebecca and Mark at Longwood Longwood A family in flowers
A family in flowers - 2 A daughter and her father A comfortable, well-lit place to read together

Group 3

I am out of here Grandma and Maya at the Zoo What a big fence for such a little bird
Who's walking who? Muti-train Watch this mommy…
WEEEEEEEE The family trade is passed along Building castles

Group 4

Dinner at Waynesborough Mediating inter-generational conflicts Time to walk the dog
Old MacDonald had a farm, EIEIO Did I step on something? I know I could drive this thing, just put in some gas
The tools of the trade The tools of the trade - 2 Cheese, Pullease

Group 5

Bet you can't guess what I just ate Maya is a good sleeper Finally, I get to drive the train
Pick a train, any train Choo, choo, choo, choo Proof we are on the train
Mommy is more scared than me!! A carousel closeup Another day at the park

Group 6

Build bridges not walls, build bridges not walls For my next trick, I will make this handkerchief disappear See the ball I painted with this one crayon?
Finally, first contact of a gentle kind I am supposed to wear this and smile? OK!
Let's go shopping Maya in a hat Austin and Maya

Group 7

Maya touches Ryan Two generation of Shen women Robots for peace
After inspecting Ryan Maya contemplates having a younger brother Austin sacks Maya
You can preview the movie here but need a Firewire cable and about 1GB free on your computer Dual 2.4 Xenons and a SCSI RAID is a good configuration Rachel and Ryan

Group 8

Wooee… flashback Daniel and Maya out for a walk Austin shows Maya how his park works
Austin swings Daniel pushes Rachel and Jacob
Maya and Austin teeter totter together Jacob in climbing mode Maya gets a special kiss

Group 9

Austin and Maya go for a walk (Port Townsend) Austin and Maya go for a walk (Port Townsend) - 2 What a big patch of grass
Perfect for a picnic of fingers Bruce and Austin We head out into Seattle's harbour
Austin and Jacob on a cruise Fiddling as she sails I bet I could make it back to shore

Group 10

A family of swingers If I walk like a duck… No sun, weird sand, I guess it’s a beach
Into the water Let me try that No, it is too scary
Maybe just a little of the way in What if I fall in? OK, I know you'll be there

Group 11

Now I can get on with the fun You sure have a lot of yummy noodles there Everything's checked out, you are all ready to go, Austin
Austin prepares for an assault Maya's first bike 'ride' Up, up, up the slide (major accomplishment)
Feeding the ducks This trail of fish must be a clue A Guru at my age :-)