Maya Pictures: Set 4

Photos of Maya for months twelve through eighteen. These pictures were last updated on 2002-06-23.

Group 1

Rebecca shows off the very happy Maya in her cosy sleeper The beginning of Maya's library What are these things on my feet?
Don't make me do it Wow, it's gotta be the shoes I know what I want to be when I grow up
Maya shows off the hats from Cathy This cool strawberry hat is the latest And it will stretch to fit when my head is thiiissss big

Group 2

I am a very, very, happy strawberry The masked eggplant strikes fear on Halloween Cool balloons
Time to pop them I can put all the toys away… wait… am I just a toy too? Maya puts on her war
Maya's birthday presents - 1 Maya's birthday presents - 2 Maya's birthday presents - 3

Group 3

Maya's birthday presents - 4 Maya's birthday presents - 5 Maya's birthday presents - 6
Maya's birthday presents - 7 Maya's birthday presents - 8 Maya's birthday presents - 9
Maya's beautiful first birthday cake Where did that come from? Save me… save me…

Group 4

I am afraid of white chocolate Mark, Maya, and Rebecca celebrate Maya's first birthday It's love at first bite: Austin feeds Maya
Maya is soooo hungry Maya's second beautiful birthday cake We carefully slide this cake in front of her
Maya is stunned but no tears! Rebecca and Maya prepare for cake Happy birthday Maya

Group 5

Austin shows Maya how to use her presents - 1 Austin shows Maya how to use her presents - 2 Rachel, Rebecca, and Austin show Maya how to use her presents
The pink people eater is loose! The pink people eater can climb! The pink people eater is restrained!
A tasty thanksgiving dinner (Bruce, Austin, Maya, Rebecca) Baby elephant at Seattle zoo Rebecca and Maya ride an elephant

Group 6

Jacob runs in fear from the elephant Rebecca and Maya show off their weather gear An impressive Thanksgiving meal
A family giving thanks Yokiko performs for Maya Maya learns to walk -- away
Bubble time As she learns to walk, Maya becomes the mad hammerer Polo, Maya style

Group 7

Maya loves to play horsey Mark and Maya near Christmas Bring me a lemonade and we can rock a while
Maya's first advent calendar Stockings hung by the chimney with care Christmas Morning: A decorated tree
Santa comes to Sunnyvale Rebecca, Maya, and Mark by the Christmas tree Maya's (and M&R's) Christmas haul

Group 8

Maya's book shelf (after Christmas 2001) Maya and Larry Rebecca got nothing for Christmas, see the clean desk
Maya ponders future careers: do or review? Maya's on her high-horse Maya has cat-like quickness -- and confusion
Eva: I have the car, but no engine There's my engine (Maya pushing Eva) Accident: Eva tends to Maya's twisted leg

Group 9

Who us?  We aren't doing anything, honest! I coulda been a contenda. Maya
Giddy up Mommy!! We want YOU to come play with us (Maya and Daniel). I always bring a fully stocked backpack
No, don't look, this outfit just does not match Mark and Maya closeup - 2 Granmary, Rebecca, and Maya chatting

Group 10

Maya finds a nice comfy chair Maya and Granmary in opposite corners Cool shoes
Touching hands: Granmary, Maya, and Mark I am so vain Maya likes her shoes
Palms are frequently the center of attention Hi everyone! (Maya and Anne) Maya sees her first falling snowflake

Group 11

Maya in winter uniform Maya in winter uniform - 2 Say Cheese, I Love lunch with Grandad (Maya and Howard)
Maya inspects Muti's dog tags The instense expression of a couch potato Huh? What are you talking about?
I am so glad that goat is locked away Taking a morning snooze together Happy lounging around the house

Group 12

Maya and Mommy in close proximity Baaa… I am pinnnnned… and suffocating Maya and Daddy face off
I have finally gotten this fingering down This little piggy stayed in Maya's toes Can never have too many little piddies
What are my architectural goals here? Getting a headstart on the décor of my own room Maya and Mommy at Maya's first zoo trip

Group 13

You expect me to touch this thing? Jackie O, Yoko, and Maya One should never be without their phone
You aren't getting away from me I have you in my HUD sights Just practicing hugging my parents
Couch bunnies What nice fountains Run, the fountains have gone out of control

Group 14

The bearient express The engineer is asleep at the wheel A day in the park
Some of use are trying to concentrate here