Maya Pictures: Set 2

Photos of Maya from fourteen weeks through six months. These pictures were last updated on 2001-02-08 as part of splitting a larger album into smaller sets.

Group 1

I can stand I can walk But I most love to fly
You say teddy-bay is coming over? Hi teddy, do you know what has happened to me lately? Boy, you are a lot funnier than my parents
I just can't stop laughing In case you weren't sure... I am a girl My dad went to Minnesota and look what followed him back

Group 2

Mom and Dad's bed is just right Three's a crowd But seven is heaven
I have plenty of toys Even enough for my parents In search of monarchs
Getting warmer... There they are... (drag, no zoom lens) My first viewing of the ocean

Group 3

Cool What are you doing up there? OK everyone, get back in line
Maya is a poser Except for the drooling thing Maya is a poser
Except for the drooling thing Could this be my kid? I guess so!

Group 4

We somehow manage to get along :-) Maya is ready to go out in her new hat I can sit with a little help from my friends
Maya prepares to really fly (to Philadelphia) And lands completely intact Who are you?  Where am I?
Now I remember... this isn't so bad here after all The generations face off Or just sit around relaxing together

Group 5

Like grandma, like granddaughter Maya visits great-granmary And the two of them have an intense and wonderful conversation
Maya needs to rest up after the day Susan shows Maya archaic technology I just can't stop laughing
And drooling Maya's first truly brisk walk Somebody left me at Haverford College

Group 6

Grandma attacks me with a bear Grandma can really make me laugh And laugh
What a swell time I had I can sit! Weebles wobble but they don't fall down (too quickly)
I can sit! And rip the heads of creatures off at the same time! What a big piece of cheese! Yummy

Group 7

Maya eats her first real semi-solid food Kathy and Maya Maya ventures out to look at all the flowers
Flowers - 1 Flowers - 2 Flowers - 3
Flowers - 4 Flowers - 5 Want to watch me eat? Yummy!

Group 8

I am so stuffed now Jason and Linda think babies are always sweet and easy Maya keeps Linda a happy fool
I like new perspectives This room is nice but it is toooo bigggg Preparing to tube down the Truckee river
I really know how to eat now See? Other things I like to eat.  And am a little neater with

Group 9

Yes, we like each other.  Could you please stop taking pictures now... Aaaaahhhh I am being attacked by a sea horse Come over here buddy, I got something to tells u
I really drool a lot Sometimes I am so sad :-( I finally fit my eggplant hat :-)
But it is soooo heavy Mommy loves me And I like her too

Group 10

Maya pretends she can read just to make Mark happy I never get tired of flowers Flowers - 6
Flowers - 7 Flowers - 8 Flowers - 9
Maya makes baloon noises for music night Jens watches Maya watches the Worm watches the Mouse watches Maya... Hod and Maya on Easter

Group 11

The similarities are striking Christy and Maya on Easter Jenny and Maya
Pacifier...cup...pacifier...cup...hard choices Rebecca and Maya play catch with Mark How goofy are my parents trying to make me?
I can look even goofier! Sitting alone (hard-side-up) on the couch I like my doggy.

Group 12

What is this, a zoo? The beginnings of a new generation.  Scott would be proud. Who is this strange and serious man
Vraj lightens up slowly But eventually takes to Maya Quite Happily
Cathy overdresses for Maya's first slumber party Maya does the splits for Kim-Fai Where is my portion of this great food?

Group 13

Maya is in a league of her own Hey, take a look at this view That is so cool.
Rebecca, Maya and Mark at the Beach Maya is just too cool for the rest of us Even when imitating a warthog
Hmm... that seems to be a pretty big tree Certainly is, isn't it? Surprise!

Group 14

Rebecca and Maya visit the Tea Garden This cool man with a beard (Larry) took me to Venice Bea and Maya
Which of us is this book for anyway? Maya enlists Larry and Maya
Kathy continues to teach Maya to talk properly (in Cantonese) Julie and Maya enjoy a day at the cafe Maya enjoys her women's support group