Maya Pictures: Set 1

Photos of Maya from birth through thirteen weeks. These pictures were last updated on 2001-02-08 as part of splitting a larger album into smaller sets.

Group 1

New to the world A little warmer Mother, Father, and Child
Mark and Maya at 3am Sleepy head A guardian dragon
Two guardian angels Mark and Maya, 2a Mark and Maya, 2b

Group 2

Rebecca and Maya, 2a Rebecca and Maya, 2b Her future home
Maya Arrives Home Just the three of us Assorted flowers
What in the world is that!!! Different size mouths (left to right) Babies are not always happy!

Group 3

But they frequently are Who are these strange people? Bea Visiting Maya - 1
Bea Visiting Maya - 2 Jason Visiting Maya Kim-Fai (Dah gu) Visiting Maya
Jimmy, Kim-Fai, and Fujung Visiting Maya Mark and Maya Portrait of Maya and Purrbox

Group 4

Guardian dragon comes home Closeups: Frog formation Closeups: Face
Closeups: Foot Closeups: Face2 Minh Visiting Maya
Maya heads out into the surreal world (to Stanford Shopping Center) Little Hand-Made (Anne-Made) Booties for Little Feet Grandma (Ama) visits Maya - 1

Group 5

Grandma (Ama) visits Maya - 2 Grandma (Ama) visits Maya - 3 Mark and Maya
Big Smiles: Taz, Rebecca and Maya Mark and Maya Rebecca and Maya
The penalty of being outcat: We decided to stuff and mount Purrbox Just kidding Pink and peach

Group 6

Oh... here comes the sun Sun bathing Purrbox inspecting Maya's seatbelt
We all finally get some sleep Including the photographer Daniel visits Maya - 1
Daniel visits Maya - 2 Daniel visits Maya - 3 Never too early to learn about cheese

Group 7

My eyes out ate my stomach Maya amongst the flowers - 1 Maya amongst the flowers - 2
Maya becomes a teenager (in days) Maya's first Thanksgiving Maya: Cherub mode
Maya and Rebecca face off Maya and Purrbox face off Heading out to Los Altos on a beautiful Fall day

Group 8

Closeups: Hand Here is how we wash our kid, wash our kid, wash our kid... Parent's eye view
Maya learns about the food pyramid Maya finds a new bed: Lori Sarah's Card
Eamon visits Maya Silence of the tazes: Maya with guardian devils Guardian goes bad

Group 9

Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 1 Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 2 Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 3
Excessive: Maya Sleeping - 4 Closeups: Mouth Closeups: Bald Spot (Maya takes after her father)
Maya goes to tea Learning to warm herself by the fire First Christmas Tree

Group 10

First Christmas Wreath Winter in California (not too tough) Maya dreams of getting a horse for Christmas
First Christmas Card Second Christmas Card (Mt. Shasta) View from hotel in Eugene on route to Portland for Christmas
Maya camps out (in a hotel) Austin greets us with a Christmas Santa Austin, Rachel, and Maya

Group 11

The warming fire in Portland Makes Austin go Dylan Maya was the worst wrapped present this year
But we happily accepted the gift anyway Austin eagerly contemplates a new face on life Daniel tries to be Karnak
But is better as Dylan One of Maya's cute gifts goes to good use Maya: Fun with photoshop

Group 12

Austin the archeologist With maybe a little help Maya's cousin Katlin
Maya's first Chinese Banquet: Maya, Rebecca, (Ed, Edd, and Eddie), Miyun, Katie, Joe, ???, ???, Chou-Fong, David, Taymin, and Paul Experience Music: Guitars that survived Rock and Roll Maya's last Christmas Card
Maya can turn any room into a suite Mt. Shasta greets us on the journey home As do beautiful sunsets

Group 13

Maya rings in the new year Teddi teaches her how to smile Although bashful, Maya just can't stop smiling anymore
Stop kissing me That breast milk, she is a perfecto! Maya scolds her guardian dragon
But guardian dragons know best Happy baby, happy mommy Happy baby, happy parents