Photo Albums

Christmas 2000 Trip

Photos from the trip to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington for Christmas 2000. This was Maya's first trip (two days by car each way).

The following pages organize pictures into groups of nine.

Group 1

Christmas Card at Mt. Shashta View from hotel in Eugene on route to Portland for Christmas Maya camps out (in a hotel)
Austin: Who are you with the silly camera? Austin: I give it a thumbs up Rachel and Austin
Bruce and Austin Maya, Robert, and Austin Austin, Rachel, and Maya

Group 2

Jacob Austin auditions for Harry Potter But needs to learn to read first
Austin greets us with a Christmas Santa The Clauses shake their booties to Austin loves music
The warming fire in Portland Makes Austin go Dylan Jacob's Birthday - 1

Group 3

Jacob's Birthday - 2 The Christmas tree (not yet submerged under presents) Austin with early Christmas present - 1
Austin with early Christmas present - 2 Christmas Eve: CJ, Anne, Jacob, and James Maya was the worst wrapped present this year
But we happily accepted the gift anyway Shen siblings (layer 0) Shen siblings extended family (layer 1)

Group 4

Bruce and Rachel's family Robert and Laura's extended family (layer 2) Austin gets serious about Christmas
But is a bit overwhelmed Opening Gifts: John, CJ, and James What will the tree give me next?
Austin tries to be graceful Daniel tries to be Karnak But is better as Dylan

Group 5

Opening Gifts: John, CJ, James, and Anne Austin eagerly contemplates a new face on life Jacob and Austin get down to playing
One of Maya's cute gifts goes to good use Jacob's gift goes on a rampage Austin the archeologist
With maybe a little help Cat balls: Part of Mark and Rebecca's gift from Mark's parents - 1 Cat balls: Part of Mark and Rebecca's gift from Mark's parents - 2

Group 6

Cat balls: Part of Mark and Rebecca's gift from Mark's parents - 3 Maya's cousin Katlin Maya's first Chinese Banquet: Maya, Rebecca, (Ed, Edd, and Eddie), Miyun, Katie, Joe, ???, ???, Chou-Fong, David, Taymin, and Paul
Experience Music: Guitars that survived Rock and Roll Experience Music: Austin waiting to bang some drums Maya's last Christmas Card
Maya can turn any room into a suite Mt. Shasta greets us on the journey home As do beautiful sunsets