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Fiftieth Anniversary Trip

Photos from the Portland & Philadelphia trip the end of May, 2001 (a couple weeks before Anne and Howard's fiftieth wedding anniversary). This trip was also the first time Maya met Sandra's family (three new cousins) and the first time we saw Sandra's new house.

The following pages organize pictures into groups of nine.

Group 1

Lighthouse in Portland, Maine Lighthouse in Portland, Maine Portland harbor panorama
Eric, Rebecca, and Maya in Portland Eric, Maya, Rebecca, and Mark Eric and Maya
Inn by the Sea Inn by the Sea - 2 Hanna and Laura

Group 2

Maya and Anne Rebecca, Maya, Laura, Hanna, and Fluffy Rebecca, Maya, Fluffy, Laura, Hanna, and Hedwig
Rebecca, Maya, Fluffy, Laura, Hanna, and Hedwig - 2 Three generations go off to the beach Laura and Hanna on the beach
Howard and Frank Hanna collecting sea shells Laura plays with the waves

Group 3

Hanna and Laura showing good team work Anniversary dinner (David, Hanna, Susan, Frank, Anne) Anniversary dinner (Laura, Andrew, Sandra)
Anniversary dinner (Maya, Rebecca, Anne, Howard) Anniversary dinner (Anne, Mark, Maya, Howard, Laura, Andrew) Anne conducts the anniversary song?
Relaxing at the Inn by the Sea (Howard, Anne, Maya, Rebecca) Maya and Grandma take a good look at each other. And decide each other is pretty nice.

Group 4

Susan and Frank The common vehicle in Westport, CT Dog and Baby size each other up (Muti and Maya)
Some of the other wildlife in Paoli Maya loves this house: it has fans Big leather chairs
And fun swings Rebecca, Maya, and Granmary Maya and Granmary entertain each other

Group 5

Maya and Granmary Mark, Granmary, Maya, and Rebecca Happy Truffles
Very relaxed cat Truffles ready to pounce Rebecca eats Maya's nose
A hard worker and a hard player (Howard and Maya) Maya takes a close look at her Granddad Howard's gardens

Group 6

Howard's gardens: Poppies Howard's gardens: Poppy Closeup Howard's gardens